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Hi everyone. I see now that my last journal post was announcing my new website, which I have completely revamped now. I sticked to a very simplistic design, hoping the photos will do the talking :) I also added "Share to Facebook/Twitter" functionality for photos, so please share the love if you like something you see (interested to see if this feature has a big effect on the site's popularity). Please let me know what you think. Here is the link:

I also recently upgraded to a Nikon D700, so watch this space.
Hi everyone I finally got round to making myself a photography website! This is the first website that I've done in php, so let's hope it doesn't break :) Check it out and tell me what you think: Philip Perold Photography

Last day of premium membership

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 21, 2010, 3:39 AM
My 3 month premium membership is coming to an end tomorrow, so I though I'd write one last pretty journal post. Thanks again to FlippinPhil for the gift. You rock!

Some recent faves:

Blizzard by vincentfavre Wrecked by LukeAustin Fairytale Ending by DrewHopper cold vision by alexandre-deschaumes Winter Day by JoniNiemela Jasper National Park by tamauz The Needles by collectiveone The Promise by PauloALopes Purple by AndyMumford Equilibrium by aFeinPhoto-com Mountain source by Dee-T Balanced Rock by Moonlight by tourofnature Big Water by tfavretto Lifetime by sleephead 257 by novakovsky Frozen Land by XavierJamonet burning Snow by one-shot-below First light over the Veymont by XavierJamonet Dallas Divide, 2008 Edition by kennedmh :thumb145375013: Eastern Sierra Sunrise by narmansk8 Dorian Dark by ColinHSillerud Blanket by ColinHSillerud Saint Dusk by ColinHSillerud Fire and Ice by mitchellkrog stone and a smattering by sassaputzin Morning Glow by Dani-Lefrancois Luminous Passage by ChimpyJay


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 3:09 AM
Just thought I would share some recent faves that made my jaw drop.

Dettifoss, Iceland by Brettc Prisoners of the Dusk by justeline Dunescape by joerossbach To the Open Sea by Nokdar Effulgence by if-i-nvr-knew Waterfall Kozjak by eriksimonic Mirror Pond by joerossbach Magic Hour by DrewHopper :thumb150982420: V by NachoRomero Sunset Symmetry by Ian-Plant Starry Night by aFeinPhoto-com PNGS by SebastianKraus Wooded Morning by DennisChunga Three Kings by gidferrer La Chartreuse au petit matin. by vincentfavre stand tall by rocqua Colors of Quietness by capitaodomato111 Draw the Line by PauloALopes Stonehenge by xMEGALOPOLISx Follow the river by XavierJamonet

New group and my new sharpening action

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2010, 12:12 PM
Hi everybody!

I would like to thank Rykardo for inviting me to be a contributer to his new group:


Go check it out! I am sure you will find a few new artists to watch.

Secondly, I have recently been playing around with web sharpening actions. I am sure many of you use the so-called "Adamus" sharpening routine, or a variation on it. I still have not found a technique that generates results as good as it. The one problem I have always had with it was that most of the time it oversharpens high contrast edges, which I then have to "unsharpen" by carefully masking those areas out, which could become a time consuming exercise. Therefore I tried to automate the process. The result is thus an action that sharpens the areas you want sharp, but generates less ugly halo's and oversharpened areas. I have found certain circumstances where certain areas could maybe me sharper or less sharp, which could then easily be corrected by editing the mask manually. But most of the time it did the job in one go.

Here are two links from where you can download the action:

Any ideas on how the action can be improved would be greatly appreciated.

Recent faves:
Jeffreys Bay Sunrise by hougaard :thumb150723208: Night Glow by Ian-Plant Standing Ovation by Ian-Plant The Giant Glow by PauloALopes Mirror by DennisChunga Light up the darkness by uberfischer In the chasm of Solitude by alexandre-deschaumes

Holiday almost no more

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 9, 2010, 8:23 AM
I've just come back from a wonderful 2 week stay in the beautiful Keurboomstrand, South Africa. I've been going there since I was born, so the place holds special value to me. I went on a few shoots, but not as many as I would've liked. But if the weather doesn't play along, what can you do? Getting up early for sunrises is never as easy as you think it should be, so that only happened once :)

I wish everybody a wonderful 2010, and hope to see many of you here in sunny South Africa for the World Cup!

Some of my recent faves:

Fendant la brume... by vincentfavre :thumb148329657: Garden of Light by DrewHopper Islands in the Stream by michaelanderson Maine, by Brettc Mesmerized is Sorrow by alexandre-deschaumes San Juan Yellows by juddpatterson Moonrise Delight by DrewHopper

Thank you and merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 1:55 AM
First off, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to FlippinPhil for giving me a 3 month subscription. What a legend. The man himself lately added a wide angle to his artillery, resulting in some exciting stuff:

Breakthrough II by FlippinPhil Old Roots by FlippinPhil Fog of the Forth by FlippinPhil Light of the Forth by FlippinPhil

The festive season is upon us, and wallets are taking a gift beating. I decided to make my grandparents a calendar consisting of some of my landscapes. It turned out to be a fun project, since it forced me to look at printing a bit, which is something I am very unfamiliar with. I quickly had to compromise and decrease the size of the calendar due to astronomical prices. Being original doesn't always come cheap.

Anyway, this is basically just me blabbering about nothing in my first journal entry. I'll play around with fancy css and other stuff later.

Merry Christmas to all!

Deviations that recently caught my attention:

Rays of Light by Rykardo In The Wood by MarcoHeisler Stalking the Void by michaelanderson Dartmoor Winter by Alex37 Warm as Ice by tangratannakra The Mirror Pool by alexandre-deschaumes The Crystalline Silence by michaelanderson Alone by Brettc Mt Rundle - Banff by LukeAustin :thumb145163582: Golling - Revisit by AndreasResch Not of this World by TristanCampbell Light as a feather by Zefisheye Cornish Stream by midlander1231 Teysachaux et Moleson... by vincentfavre